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“Have you ever dreamed of taking a ride in a large sportfishing boat from Florida all the way to Costa Rica? Well jump aboard the 54 foot Bertram “Chica” for the ride of your life. You’ll be surrounded by robbery, murder, greed, deceit, romance, local color, and four different oceans. But, when you peel all that back it’s really about the redeeming nature of a brother’s love and forgiveness. What a ride!”

                 -Capt. Tommy Tucker


"SALT CREEK JUSTICE is an action packed crime caper on the high seas, written by a boat and sea-wise author. A great plot, wonderful characters, a little romance and a surprise ending                  -Capt. Bubba Kirk


"This novel is a story of suspense, greed, and the redeeming nature of a brother's love and forgiveness. Crisply written, the author works in bits of local knowledge and history with a wry wit, as the boat moves down thru the tropics. There is also some solid fishing narrative throughout"

             -Capt. Tater Jackson


"A rollicking boatride from Florida, across the Carribbean, through the Panama Canal, and on to Costa Rica. An action-fueled plot that gives hope to all middle-aged anglers and adventurers. If you liked Travis McGee, Thorn or Doc Ford, you'll love Seth Stone

            -George Otto - the Bite Blog

James A. Byrne reviewed Salt Creek Justice

2 of 2 people found the following helpful Valentine's Grand Slam September 7, 2013

Like a pirate finding his next treasure, I have found the next great Florida novel. Doc Ford has got nothing on Seth Stone. Neither does Travis McGee, or even Thorne for that matter. Like the gems of the previous masters of this genre, we are again treated to a romp of the hunters and hunted across the land of alligators, game fish, and girls who know what they want. From the southernmost City of Key West, the plot races at the cruising speed of 25 knots into the known and lesser known coastal haunts of the southern climes. We are right there with Seth as he applies his knowledge of all things salty and fishy to solve the problems and save the day. In the waters around Key West, a Grand Slam is catching a bonefish, permit and tarpon all in a one-day outing. Valentine hits it out of the park with this novel.



Harvey P. reviewed Salt Creek Justice

1 of 1 people found the following helpful Salt Creek Justice October 31, 2013

Mr. Valentine obviously has a passion for cruising the tropical seas and blue water sport fishing. I can tell he has been there, done that. In one chapter, his narratives were guiding me down the streets of Key West. In another I'm in the cockpit of his sport fishing boat fighting a blue Marlin. However, if you ended it there, this book would be just another travelogue. The brilliant part of Valentine's story is bringing in the mystery and intrigue of the Tampa Mafia. These are bad boys that would kill you for a lot less than two million dollars. Valentine joins the ranks of current Florida adventure writers like Carl Hiaasen and Randy White. I can't wait for the sequel.


Marshall W. Craig reviewed Costa Rican Reprise

1 of 2 people found the following helpful Costa Rican Reprise Doubles Down June 1, 2015

I read Salt Creek Justice - fun, full of action. Costa Rican Reprise doubles down. The plot is constantly moving and drives the novel. Seth Stone is the alter ego for the armchair guy, who reads and says, "Hey, I could do that - maybe." And Stone has his cadre of older guys who can really connect on the buddy-team level. A big bonus for a Florida crime novel fan or a cruiser to the Key West and Caribbean ports of call, is that CRR becomes a Michelin guide to where to go for food, drink and fun in southwest Florida and the Caribbean basin. Throw in the mob (both Italian and Russian), boat theft and drug trafficking and you've got a good read



David Degroot reviewed Costa Rican Reprise

1 of 1 people found the following helpful You gotta love it when a plan comes together.... September 16, 2015

You gotta love it when a plan comes together. Especially when it's do-or-die. This book was another fun, can't-put-it-down read involving several new crusty and crafty characters who outwit the deadly Tampa mob while side-stepping the formidable Russian mob. Throw in some great fishing, travel to exotic locations, wine and cigars and a bit assorted mischief … and you’ll be wanting to insert yourself into the adventure as a character too. Tip of the hat to Mr. Valentine for another great book. You get the feeling he enjoys writing these books as much as we do reading them.



Richard B. Winning reviewed Caicos Conspiracy

1 of 1 people found the following helpful It Ain't Easy Having Fun ! November 17, 2016

Intrigue, Fishing, Wine and a good cigar to read it all with! Mr. Valentine's writing wraps the reader in almost immediately and he doesn't let up.
The geezers are one motley bunch that not only outsmart the crooks but the fish as well. All I can say, " It ain't easy having fun ! " , but the adventure is only beginning and I am looking forward to many a return trip!


D. William
 reviewed Caicos Conspiracy

1 of 1 people found the following helpful Suspense, Adventure, Intrigue, Bat Guano and Keith Richards! November 29, 2016

Caicos Conspiracy is really two books wrapped into one. Two suspense filled adventures involving kidnapping, extortion and revenge! Seth, The Geezers and Dino Vino, of course, head out on what they thought was to be a fishing tournament trip, but quickly becomes so much more! They are supposed to hook-up with Jock, Seth's old college buddy, which they do, but for a mission much more important than fishing. They must rescue Jock's wife Kat! Unknown to Seth, an old enemy is on his trail seeking revenge as his crew puts a plan in action to save Jock's wife. Do Seth, The Geezers and Dino Vino succeed? Does Seth’s old enemy catch up with him an extract his pound of flesh? What are the rest of the Stones doing? Beau and Jeb Stone, Seth's brother and son.(Not the Rolling Stones). What havoc do bats reek and what is Keith Richards doing here? These are just some of the many questions that the author answers for you but not how you might expect. Sit down with a good glass of wine and enjoy this exciting novel as it winds its way through the Islands to an unexpected finish! But don't sit on the edge of your seat because you may just fall off!

“Seth and the ‘Geezers’ spring into action when an old fishing buddy is wrongly
imprisoned in Cuba. They cut short a fishing trip to Key West - to slip into Cuba to try
and right that wrong. The action and a look inside Cuba from an author who’s been there
makes this another Five Star read.”
- Capt. Tater Johnson

“A rare look at Cuba behind the façade of Old Havana and the Hemingway mystique.
Valentine’s wry wit touches on Cuban life, Major League Baseball, and Key West like
you’ve never seen it. Another action packed adventure that you can’t put down.”
- Capt. Tommy Tucker

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